The Ridiculously Easy Way To Scale Your Technology Brand

Hi. We’re Blackship.One. We’re a content marketing studio focused on the hyper-acceleration of tech brands. Work with tier one writers to bring your content to the top of organic search results. 

We Are  Modern Day Content Alchemists

Hi! 👋 We’re Blackship.One and our historical performance data suggests that we’re masters of scale. We like to think of ourselves as sort of modern day alchemists. But rather than turning base metals into gold, we’re turning words into increases in revenue. We’ve grown websites into platforms that receive millions of website views and generate millions of dollars in additional revenue through the use of content alone. 

Magic Happens Where Content Marketing & Value Marketing Meet

We have over 20 years experience growing web properties from ZERO to millions of organic views. We’re experts at rapidly scaling through the use of content. We’re also big believers in value marketing. In the words of Craig Davis “we need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” This content philosophy guides everything we do here at Blackship.One.

1st Place Organic Ranking Receives 31% of Search Volume

The fastest growing companies in the hi-tech niche are masters at content marketing. Over time, high ranking content will give you leverage to add growth on top of growth which ultimately leads to exponential growth. However, you NEED to be in the top three positions in organic search for it to be worth it. The first result in Google sees roughly 31% of the search volume for any given keyword. The second result sees roughly 24%, while the third results sees just 18% of the search volume. It goes down  to < 4 % on the second page of results. For this reason, you need a growth team that can get you on the podium. 

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Using AI & Data Ensures Numbers Go Up and To the Right

We recently scaled a YouTube channel to 80,000 subscribers and millions in cumulative video views. A more recent project we scaled to over 168,000 organic page views / month in only 6 months. Data exists (search volume, keyword competitiveness, buying intent etc.) which allows us to map out a well designed content pipeline. We also use various content marketing AI tools that allow us to find keyword gaps or unexploited content arbitrage opportunities. Learn more about this on our features page. 

Easy To Understand Monthly Growth Milestones

We generally scale companies at between 10% to 150% / month. As a Blackship.One client, you’ll get access to a personalized content growth and organic ranking dashboard where you can monitor your monthly progress as you quest towards your ambitious growth targets. 

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content and SEO are huge drivers of organic growth. At Blackship.One we help you earn backlinks, funnel link equity to valuable commercial pages and help your pages show up high in organic search.


Content Marketing Planning & Strategy

At Blackship.One we’re content strategists and planners. Investing time early in the content planning stage can help you dramatically speed up your organic website ranking by targeting low competition phrases.       

Obsessive Focus on Content ROI

When we’re planning or creating content we’re always asking “how will this content positively impact your most important business metrics?”. During content sprints, our team will target keywords with real value. 

Exclusively AAA Writers

At Blackship.One our intensive onboarding, testing and training process ensures we only work with tier one writers. We don’t overestimate our writer’s abilities or underestimate your expectations. With us, you get nothing short of content perfection.

AI & Data Support Human Creativity

Ahrefs collected data on 2 million search terms and found that only 5.7% of new content ranked for those keywords within one year. 95% of content didn’t rank. at all! The 5% weren’t lucky. They where talented, ambitious and likely used content data tools to find keyword gaps.  

STEM Writer Tryouts & Sourcing

We work exclusively with high tech writers. All of our writers have strong backgrounds in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) We let you test out various writers on our team before committing to the one that works best for you. With us, content isn’t “hit or miss”. 

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Stop Being Inconsistent With Content

If you have a company in the hi-tech industry and you’re looking for a growth partner, then reach out to us today and schedule a free consultation to see if we’d be the right content marketing agency for your  brand. 

Need Help With Content Marketing?

Want to scale your hi-tech brand and need a bit of help? Then consider using Blackship.One as your growth partner. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to growth. Let’s organize a call so we can dive deep into where the hidden growth opportunities are. We will create a custom growth map for you complete with milestones, asset deliverables, and growth goals.

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We’re looking forward to the possibility of working together! 🤝