Our Content Production Process & Features

Hi. We’re Blackship.One, a growth studio that specializes in the hyper-acceleration of technology brands. 

An Obsessive  Focus on ROI

At Blackship.One we have an obsessive focus on ROI. Over the last 20 years we’ve mastered growth through content. We’ve grown websites into platforms that receive millions of website views and generate millions of dollars in additional revenue through the use of our design and growth playbook. We don’t get distracted by low value keywords with high search volumes. A lot of times those keywords are nothing more than time traps. Instead we only spend our time hypothesizing and creating content around topics that will have true business impact

So Much More Than Outsourced STEM Writers

Around 95% of content that’s produced, never ranks on the main page of Google. Ahrefs published data recently analyzing 2 million random search terms and they found that only 5.7% of newly generated pages were able to rank in the top 10 of Google within the first year. Luckily for us,…. we’re part of the 5.7%. Here’s how:

Content Marketing Sprint Workshop

Clients get access to our private 2 day virtual marketing sprint workshop, where we come together to solve your biggest content marketing challenges as a group. We’ll brainstorm, vote, strategize and map out your entire content pipeline. 

AI Assistance For Faster Rankings

During the sprint session (see above), you’ll collaborate with our team of content strategists during the ideation phase. During this phase you’ll see a lot of raw human creatively. However, to strengthen our decisions and help us ensure that you rank in organic search, we use various AI, data and content analytics tools to help is identify and exploit content gaps and quick wins.  

Content Designed to “Earn” Links

While your competition is busy trying build links on (often questionable) 3rd party websites, you can instead focus on writing content that naturally earns links. At Blackship.One we study the performance of different content types to be able to make objective decisions about where we should put our link earning energies. A link to any page within your website helps boost the entire web property as a whole. Google has a domain authority bias, so we use content type planning to optimize for this bias. 

Exclusively Tier 1 Writers

At Blackship.One our intensive onboarding, testing and training process ensures we only work with tier one writers. We don’t overestimate our writer’s abilities or underestimate your expectations. With us, you get nothing short of content perfection. 

Content Batching & Prioritization

We use a tested content milestone structure for ranking websites. We use different content types at different times to perform different growth tasks. For instance, some content is designed to get sales (i.e. BOFU content), while other content is designed to earn links (i.e. data). We batch content in a way to help you optimize your campaign’s ROI.

End to End: Idea to Publishing

At Blackship.One, we offer an end-to-end content marketing service. This means, we handle everything from idea conceptualization through to the publishing of content on your blog. It’s 100% hands-off for you. This frees you up to focus on other activities. We focus on completing every detail required to ensure your content ranks including but not limited to: outlier keyword research, search engine optimizing images, internally linking sub-topics to primary focus topics, formatting, editing and much more.

Writer Tryouts & Sourcing

At Blackship.One, we know you’re expecting a 10/10 deliverable. A 7/10 won’t cut it. For this reason, We tryout multiple science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) writers on your campaign to see who’s the best-fit for your company.  

Heavy Focus on SEO & MoM Growth

Dominating Google isn’t hard to do if you know what works and what doesn’t. It’s easy enough to reverse engineer organic results to see what’s working on the main page. We have developed a comprehensive checklist based on these findings that our produced content needs to pass through before being approved or published. 

Content Optimization 

At the end of every month we refine our strategy by looking at what’s working best for us. Our agile approach ensures our early planning is well thought out and gives us a strong initial direction, but it gives us room to pivot on a month to month basis to exploit not previously seen opportunities. The only thing we need from you is 2 hours each month to jump in a private content strategy workshop where we’ll optimize old content and confirm the next 4 weeks of content for our team. 

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Want to Improve Your Content Consistency?

If you like the sounds of what you’ve read on this page, then reach out to us to schedule a call. We’re a friendly and approachable team and we’d love the opportunity to chat with you about growth. 

Need Help Producing Tier One Content That Ranks?

Want to scale your tech company and need a bit of help? At Blackship.One we have over 20 years experience scaling websites. During this time we’ve been able to develop a comprehensive growth playbook that we use to rapidly scale web properties from ZERO. Inside the playbook there are chapters about art, science, data, algorithms and the importance of being exceptional. Simply fill out the form to the left to organize a call so we can talk about it in more detail.

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