The Ridiculously Easy Way To Generate New Leads

Hi. We’re Blackship.One. We offer an account based marketing (ABM), prospecting and lead generation service to space, aerospace, robotics and hi-tech hardware brands. 

Imagine Someone Prospecting For You 24 Hours / Day

Hi! We’re Blackship.One and we help you keep your sales pipeline full by engaging in creative prospecting and lead generation strategies for you 24 hours / day. Having a full sales pipeline is the lifeblood for most B2B business. However, for companies in the space, aerospace, robotics and hi-tech hardware niche’s, keeping your pipeline full with a finite pool of buyers can be a challenge. Read below to learn how we can help.

Healthy Hi-Tech Brands Have Full Sales Pipelines

Over the years, we’ve operated many different web properties so we know first hand what it feels like to be bombarded with cold emails and calls every day. However, we started asking ourselves “how would we approach ourselves if we wanted to make a financially beneficial and meaningful connection”. The answer to this question lead to the development of our prospecting and demand generation service. Continue reading below to learn more about how it works. 

We’ve Big Believers in Value Marketing

In the words of Craig Davis “we need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” The principles of value marketing drive the design of our lead generation service. Rather than asking for something, we give something instead. Rather than a transactional relationship, we build up genuine human connections. People have their guards up online more than ever before. Our lead generation strategies helps us lower those guards. 

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A Hyper-Focused Approach on Best-Fit Target Accounts

Account based marketing (ABM) is a sophisticated form of marketing where targets are identified and creatively nurtured. While many forms of marketing take a “fish with a net” approach, ABM uses an approach which feels more like fishing with a spear. As a hi-tech hardware vendor, you’re selling complex products to finite markets. To make matters more complex, you’re often dealing with large buying committees and long sales cycles. This means that every opportunity needs to be approached as a big opportunity. At Blackship.One we approach every potential lead as we would like to be approached ourselves.

Easy To Understand Monthly Milestones

At Blackship.One all of our lead generation services are done manually by a human on our end. We study the art of making connections in order to increase the number of qualified leads we can send to your CRM. Depending on the plan you chose, we can send between 10-100 cold or warm messages / day on your behalf. 

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Cold & Warm Email Outreach

Content and SEO are huge drivers of organic growth. At Blackship.One we help you earn backlinks, funnel link equity to valuable commercial pages and help your pages show up high in organic search.


Cold & Warm LinkedIn Outreach

At Blackship.One we’re content strategists and planners. Investing time early in the content planning stage can help you dramatically speed up your organic website ranking by targeting low competition phrases.       

Warm Traffic Retargetting

In order to attract people to your website you need to provide value. At Blackship.One we’re big believers in value marketing. We help you create and distribute this value to your target audience. 

Aggressive Social Listening

It’s important that your marketing efforts are as effective as possible. All of our growth campaigns include built-in A/B testing. Improving the performance of an ad or piece of content will generally result in the quickest win for your company. 

Personalized Connections

We don’t focus on “building” backlinks to help with your SEO efforts. Instead we focus on “earning” backlinks by forming relationships with authoritative news and blogging voices in your niche. These links will help your site rank higher in search. 

Targeting, Reporting and Optimization

We focus on running both paid and organic growth campaigns in parallel to help you drive growth today and hyper-growth in the future. We run both paid and organic search campaigns as well as paid and organic social campaigns. 

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Want to Work Together? 

If you have a company in the space, aerospace, defense, robotics or other hi-tech industry and you’re looking for a lead generation partner, then reach out to us today and schedule a free consultation to see if we’d be the right account based marketing agency for your  brand. 

We Find Fresh Leads Daily

Want to scale your hi-tech brand and need a bit of help? Then consider using Blackship.One as your lead generation partner. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to growth. Let’s organize a call so we can dive deep into where the hidden growth opportunities are. We will create a custom growth map for you complete with growth goals, milestones and asset deliverables.

Simply fill out the form to the left and let us know more about your company and what you’re looking for in a lead generation partner.

We’re looking forward to the possibility of working together! 🤝