Software Development For Space, Robotics & Hi-Tech Brands

Hi. We’re Blackship.One. We help space, robotics and hi-tech brands build desktop, mobile and embedded software applications. 

Custom Software Development For  Hi-Tech Brands

Hi! We’re Blackship.One and our mission is to help hi-tech brands bring their software visions to life. Our team will help with software development, UI / UX design, testing, analytics, and security. We can develop simple applications like data visualization dashboards, to more complex machine learning, IoT, or AI applications. Similarly, if you’re planning on interfacing your software with hardware and you’re looking for a team to help you design and develop the embedded systems, we can help with that as well. We work in a wide range of front-end and backend programming languages including C/C++, Java, Python, .Net,  php, and many more.

Rapid Agile Development Process So You Can See an Early Working Version

Our development process ensures that we both develop products to spec, but we also do so on time. Using an agile approach to development we’re able to break a larger project down into more easily manageable sprints and then have the product owner (you) check in during weekly sprint reviews. This ensures that there are never surprises on your end you end up getting exactly what you ordered, exactly when you expect it to be delivered to you by. 

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A Heavy Focus on Design, UI & UX

As a software development agency we’re lucky to be able to use our own in-house design team to ensure that your application’s design exceeds your design expectations. For us, user experience shouldn’t be an afterthought. User experience should be planned and tested early in the product development lifecycle in order to ensure that the software product can seamlessly and efficiently perform its task, while at the same time being enjoyable and intuitive to interact with. For this, you need to have a polished design and an easy to navigate UI. Our early planning will include space for wireframing and flow-charts so everyone knows what your application does with every interaction. 

Easy To Understand Monthly Development Milestones

Project complexity will have a dramatic impact on your software’s development time. Smaller projects can be completed within 2-4 weeks while bigger projects may take 3, 6 or even 12 months to complete. We will agree on the product scope and schedule early on, and you can monitor real time progress in your client dashboard. 

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Data Visualization Dashboards

If you’re collecting data in space and you want to be able to visualize it here on earth, you’ll need to develop a backend data visualization dashboard that allows you to make sense of the data. Let us help you build it. 


Data Analysis & Deep Learning

We can build software that does a lot more than just store and visualize data. Our team can build systems that are capable of analyzing data and learning from the data that you’re pulling into your system.  

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We can also help you create SaaS applications that you can package and resell to consumer or enterprise clients. We can easily embed payment and subscription solutions into your application. 

Software Testing & Usability (QA)

At Blackship.One we build software testing into our development process. By bug testing in incremental steps, we keep ensure that your software project remains bug free from day one. 

Product Scope & MVP Builder

We help consult you on your software product’s scope and we create an early MVP of your product to ensure the application functions in the way you intend it to. 

Application Maintenance

We can also help you maintain your app after it’s been developed. We can provide a monthly maintenance service so can rest easy knowing your software is up to date and secure.

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Want to Work Together? 

If you’re looking to build a space or robotics software application and you’re looking for a team to help you help you plan, build and deliver the final idea, then get in contact with us today. 

Need Help With Software Development?

Looking for a space or robotics software development company? Let Blackship.One be your development partner. We have over 20 years of experience in the software development space. Our agile approach to development ensures that we complete your project on time and within budget. We work closely with you in the early stages of development to ensure we are aligned to your vision for your product. 

Simply fill out the form to the left and let us know more about your company and what you’re looking for in a software development partner. 

We’re looking forward to the possibility of working together! 🤝